Making Many Memories

Everyday we are Making Many Memories that we will treasure forever.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

For Good Video of Nevaeh

This video is dedicated to all my Angel Family Friends who have had to love and let go. To everyone who has had an Angel baby leave a handprint on their heart and cried because they might never know how their story ends. To all who have been changed for the better and for good by the smiles and laughter an Angel baby brings to your home. And to everyone who knows they have made a change for good in the life of a child by providing unconditional love at a time that is so crucial in a baby's life.

I made this video for our family one year ago when we thought our Angel was going back to her birth parents. I had my friend take the last set of pictures for me right before Nevaeh started having overnight visits. This Angel baby gets to stay with us forever but I will always hold a special place in my heart for the other two who returned home.

Thank you Angel Family for your love and support and for all you do for these beautiful children. May you always know you have changed a baby's life for good even if you only loved them for a short while.

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