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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Who Are You Thinking About Today - The Unloved

It was very interesting to me that today, 
I happened upon a post by Nie Nie asking

Considering that there is so much doom and gloom in the world, 
(especially today since it is suppose to be the end of the world) 

I wanted to focus on the reality that I live in and the pure joy and beauty I have found from it.

I wanted to focus on all the wonderful families who have touched my life 
and changed if for good ever since I first started following the 

After following them I was hooked on learning more about other
and the children who are orphaned because they have "special needs".

For the past week I have been following the Cox Family.
The are in U country right now meeting their new princess for the first time.
I wake up every morning to see if there is a new post
and cry along with them as they experience the joy of adoption.

I love reading Julia's blog and feeling her pain and passion 
as she desperately tries to tell people of the condition that 
these orphans live in and then being able to follow 
along and see first hand the change that one little boy
has gone through because he is now loved.

I was also lead to Patti's blog
where I have learned so much about children with Down Syndrome
and the joy they bring to their families everyday.

I am also impressed more and more each day by the dedication and
determination of Cathy at Angels Foster Family Network.
And by all who work with her to unsure the safety of foster babies.

This is my life. 
These are the people that inspire me.

Others may go through life complaining and saying how
horrible the world is and asking where is the love and 
compassion today?

Well, I have found it.

I am living in this blog world.

I am rejoicing with these people 
when there becomes one less orphan 
in the world.

And these are the reason I was inspired to start

So I could somehow try and raise awareness and funds
for these very "Special" children.

This is who I am thinking about today.
This is who I think about everyday.
And I will continue to think about them 
until there are Orphans No More.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Two New Blogs

Hi Followers :)

I am excited to announce that I have launched two new blogs. The first blog is Pretty Princess Preschool . This blog is for anyone with toddlers, preschoolers or even young elementary age children. I will be posting wonderful fun ideas several times a week. There will be lots of free ideas too with links to other free sites. There will also be lots of ideas using the products I am selling to raise funds for orphans in Easter Europe and for foster care children.

I would appreciate it if all of you would post my link on your facebook pages, like my Pretty Princess Preschool Facebook page or say something on your blogs about this new blog. I love and believe in these products, Story Time Felts and Bird Rock Family (please see fundraiser page to order) and Reece's Rainbow and Angels Family Foster Network, the two causes, that I am trying to raise funds for.

I know that not everyone who reads my blog will be able to order something but by passing the word along I am sure there are many people out there who will want to.

My other new blog is It will be dedicated to raising awareness for the special needs orphans featured on Reece's Rainbow. I will be helping to raise funds for specific children and families and I will be using this blog to post about fundraisers and things that are going on in that community.

This blog will go back to being my family blog.I will continue to write about Nevaeh's visits with her birth parents, which I haven't been for the past two because I was consumed with my other passion, the orphans. But I do have stuff to report on that.

I would like to thank all of you for following me on this site and for commenting when you can. It makes me feel like I am not talking to myself :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Can you really shield them from the pain?

Below is a poem that my 14-year-old son Jared wrote for his English class. Jared had just turned 11 when we got the call to foster Nevaeh. He also shares her birthday. This picture was taken the day I brought her home.

Foster Adoption

Is she right for us?
Sitting on a bench in the happiest place on earth, we received a phone call to help a child who was beaten shortly after birth,
Her parents would abuse her when she wouldn’t be quite,
Our family made a decision that we would help her with all our might.

Are we right for her?
Nevaeh entered our home as a new foster child,
Her love for us was scarcely mild,
She kicked and screamed and wanted her mommy,
And my family seemed to be turning into zombies.

Will it get better?
Nevaeh started to bond with us and we bonded with her,
Our family now loves this child for sure,
She is now calming down; she knows she’s safe with us,
Her parents are still allowed visitation so take her to them we must.

Who will keep her?
Her parents are improving and Nevaeh must now stay with them over night,
On the drive to their home our hearts beat ten times faster because of fright,
Thoughts raced through my head: Will they beat her again, will she be okay, will she still be alive to see the light of day?

One year later, Nevaeh is still visiting her parents,
The family who will keep her was still undecided,
We thought for sure Nevaeh’s biological parents would be the ones to keep her.

She IS right for us:
One day we got a phone call from Nevaeh’s new and improved parents,
They told us they would give us possession of her but they would still like visitation,
Tears in our eyes, we arrived at court,
Nevaeh is now legally ours.

We ARE right for her:
After two and a half years of waiting,
Our excitement of our new family member almost led to fainting,
Angels is the foster agency all this happened in,
And Nevaeh is the angel that we finally did win.

This picture was taken on Nevaeh's 3rd birthday and Jared's 14th birthday

Up until 2 days ago, when Jared got up in front of our church congregation to bare his testimony, I had no idea of the impact that the whole foster care process had on him. I watched this young man, wise beyond his years, get up and fight back tears as he told of his experience in the temple and the joy of knowing that Nevaeh would be a part of our family forever. 

Jared had asked me a few times during the foster process if I thought we would be able to keep Nevaeh. We had talked some about how it was very possible that she could return to live with her birth family since that was the goal of foster care. We had talked about loving her even though it would hurt to lose her. But I would always go to my room to quietly cry about the pain I felt. I know realize that my son was hiding his pain from me too. 

Foster care is such an amazing journey. There is no way you can be a good foster parent and not completely love the child that is in your care. There is no way you can know the birth parents for two years and not feel sorrow and compassion for them. There is really no way that you can shield anyone from the pain of the process. 

It is just part of the process. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Better Than the Royal Wedding

Today - April 30, 2011 -  A very special event occurred

There was no media coverage

There was no huge crowd of people

In fact, the guest were very few in numbers

But a Princess of the King of Kings

Joined by a Grandpa, a Grandma, 2 Aunts and An Uncle

a Father 

a Mother

and three handsome Princes

walked into the House of the Lord 

and became an Eternal Family.

It was a day that will live on in history.