Making Many Memories

Everyday we are Making Many Memories that we will treasure forever.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Daddy B - Father's Day Visit

Have I ever mentioned that this open adoption thing is hard?
So you might ask...

Why do you do it then?

Sometimes, I am not sure.
Sometimes,I think it would be so much easier to just pretend she doesn't have "other" family.
Sometimes, things are awkward 
and sometimes they just drive me crazy.

I haven't written much about our visit lately because 
there has been so much "Drama" in B and M's lives.

Today I came to the conclusion once again that 
Daddy B is so much more together and in love with this little girl 
than Mommy M.

I really don't mind bringing her to visit him.
He spends his whole time playing with her.

And she loves hanging out with him

Today we even picked up Grandma N
and Nevaeh had a great time playing with her hat.

Plus, Daddy B brought her a Kung Fu Panda Bear.

It's been a while since Nevaeh has seen Daddy B.
(Part of the Drama)

So she didn't go running into his arms as usual.
It didn't take long for her to warm up to him but I made
the mistake of calling him Daddy once and
she stopped and looked at me funny and then said
"that's not my daddy, that's Daddy B..."

There was a huge blowup on Valentine's Day over how she addressed them.
Let's just say "more drama" and leave it at that.

After visiting with Daddy B we went to take food to
Mommy M.
I won't go into detail about our visit with her.
I thought about it and it just wouldn't be fair for me to
post her problems on an open blog.

But trust me...
The woman drives me crazy with so much DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA!!!!!

And so I go back to thinking about the whole open adoption thing.

It's hard on me.
I don't like "DRAMA".

But in the end it still feels right.
And in the end there is a little girl who knows she is loved by so many.
And sometimes we do things we hate for the people we love even if it means dealing with the DRAMA.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Angels Foster Care 5K

I participated in my first 5K on Saturday.

I did not make very good time because I kept stopping to 
take pictures.

View of the course from the bridge.

I really had no idea how seriously some people take their

The first runner crossed the finish line in just under 16 minutes.
I hadn't even made it to the bridge or the 1 mile marker
by that time.

The course was at Liberty Park in San Diego.
There were some really neat places to take pictures.
Behind Nevaeh is a huge ship.

And these full size cannons.

There was great free food
along with giant sized stuffed pancake people.

Nevaeh had a great time on the free bounce house
and slide.

Of course going down head first was the best part.

Then we were off to impress the football players.

Don't let the pink outfit and bows fool you.
Nevaeh can hold her own when it comes to playing any game that involves a ball.

But this, this is the reason why we came.
It wasn't to try and beat our best time at a 5K.
It wasn't for the beautiful scenery or ocean breeze.
Nor the free food and entertainment.
It was to support an organization that brought me
the best gift I could ever have.

Thanks to these ladies and all their hard work,
babies all over San Diego County will be safe tonight.
They will be placed in loving homes
while their parents try and get their act together
or while CPS figures out they got it wrong.
(that is what happened with our first placement)

Foster Care is a broken system. 
One that needs so much repairing.

But with all it's faults, 
there are still people like Cathy and Rachel
who work tirelessly to ensure
that these babies are safe and loved
while the grown ups figure out the rest.

Next year
our whole family will be involved.
Want to join us?