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Monday, May 16, 2011

Better Than the Royal Wedding

Today - April 30, 2011 -  A very special event occurred

There was no media coverage

There was no huge crowd of people

In fact, the guest were very few in numbers

But a Princess of the King of Kings

Joined by a Grandpa, a Grandma, 2 Aunts and An Uncle

a Father 

a Mother

and three handsome Princes

walked into the House of the Lord 

and became an Eternal Family.

It was a day that will live on in history.


Heidi said...

Awesome and wonderful!! Congratulations!! :)

Julie said...

LOVE your family! Pictures are beautiful :) I've always wanted to go the San Diego temple. Gorgeous! I am so happy for the eternal nature of families -- FOREVER means so much.

Anonymous said...

So wonderful!!!! Brought tears to my eyes!!!!


Katrina Maye Winn said...

Congratulations! That's my FAVORITE temple - so gorgeous. I'm so happy for you guys, you all looked beautiful!

Wanda Wach said...

Oh, my....these are the most beautiful forever family photos!! I loved the way you commented on each of them...Yes, much more special than a royal wedding in London. LOVE these photos!

Mary said...

LOVE these pictures (and your beautiful header)!

kecia said...

LOVE this post! It makes me so excited to take Mia Kareen there with us one day soon! what a beautiful family you have!