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Friday, April 8, 2011

One Woman's Dream

Have you ever had a dream - a dream so big - that you thought there was no possible way you would ever be able achieve it?

I often wonder if that is how Andrea Roberts felt when she set out to change the world by saving one orphan at a time. Did she think to herself, I am just one woman, what could I possibly do to help all these children? Well here she is 5 years later and she has helped to find homes for almost 500 orphans.

In the March 1, 2010 addition of People Magazine Andrea was named "A Hero Among US". I was so glad to see a real life hero listed in People Magazine. A mom, an everyday ordinary person, doing extra-ordinary things. It made me think that if this one woman could do so much to help change the world, that maybe, just maybe I could do something too.

Of course Andrea herself would tell you that she has not done this all alone. She has a whole army of moms and dads who feel the same way I do about these beautiful children. But the fact remains that she was able to organize this incredible venture and make so many people want to join and follow.

Just recently she has added to her ranks of followers, Patrica Heaton, who donated $10,000 to Reece's Rainbow when their Twitter account reached 10,000 followers. The Reece's Rainbow website was so busy during this time the team who works on the site had to shut it down for a while and rework things to handle all the extra traffic.

I know that God's hand is in this marvelous cause and feel like I am really a part of His army lead by Andrea on earth. I am so grateful that this woman dared to dream and believed in God and herself enough to follow through with it.

So the next time you have a dream and think to yourself, I am only one person, what can I do to help change the world, remember Andrea and that with God nothing is impossible.

And while you are at it, stop by and take a look at these sweet faces who so desperately want to belong to a family. Could you be that family?

This little guy is Vilis and he will be 5 on April 12th. This will not be a happy birthday for him because 5 is not  a good age to be when you are in an orphanage and so this little guy really needs a home soon. Most of the time money is a big obstacle when it comes to adopting a foreign child but this child already has over $8,000 in his grant account. Please take the time to go and read about Vilis and see if you could be his mommy or daddy.

 This is Marat and he will be 13 in June. The only reason he sits in an orphanage is because he is HIV positive. Time is running out for Marat and he knows it. He is a very smart child with a high IQ and will never have the opportunity to do any good with it if he is not adopted. He will be turned out into the streets and most likely never hired for a job because of his HIV status. He wants a family so badly. So if you know of anyone who might want this super cute, smart boy as a son please forward them this information. Remember, HIV is not as scary as you think. We need to stop living in the 80's and be more informed about how hard it really is to catch this disease and the normal life these children can live.

This is Pryce and he just turned 7. Pryce has CP and is not walking yet but he is an intelligent friendly little boy who needs a mommy and dad to help him be all he can be. He qualifies for the older grant too. Unfortunately, the boy who is adopted first is the one who will get the grant money. So if you can't adopt, would you be willing to donate to the older children's fund so that someone else might be able to give these sweet boys a home.

And last, of course I have a family I would love for you to help out. Patti, over at A Perfect Lily, has done so much for the Reece's Rainbow children by helping to raise money for them. But now Patti's family needs our help. You see, her DIL is unable to have children and they are getting ready to watch the precious little foster babies they have been taking care of return home. So her son and DIL have decided to try and adopt. Unfortunately, even domestic adoptions are not cheap. This young couple is having an awesome giveaway that is worth looking into. Hop on over here to see if you might be able to contribute a few dollars to their cause.

And I would love for you all to share my blog with your friends on Facebook. Remember, you never know whose children these are and you just might be the person who leads them to their forever family.

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