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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Baby Boy Turns 11

I can't believe how fast they grow up. Sometimes I really wish I could pause time and keep it from happening. I know I don't want to get any older. In fact, if I could, I would like to be 35 again. I don't want things in my life to change back to when I was 35. I just would like to not get any older than that.

But, alas, time marches on and people get older. And my last son is no longer really a child any more. He is a preteen. So my house now consist of 2 teenage sons, a preteen son and a toddler (who won't be considered that for much longer).

We finally had Jacob's birthday party today. I had told him we should wait until we got our new pool up but we ran into some snags along the way with that and I was afraid he would turn 12 before I managed to throw him a birthday party in that pool. So instead we headed down to the community pool with a few of his friends and some pizza. It was one of the most relaxing birthday parties I ever threw. I didn't have to clean my house or organize any games. And Jacob was thrilled because everyone brought him money for presents.
Hanging out at the pool
Pushing Bobby around in his tube.

Turning the kiddie pool into a whirlpool
Having fun using his sister's pink floaty to bump into people.
Big brother Josh taking care of Nevaeh so I could keep on eye on all the boys.
Happy Birthday Dear Jacob, Happy Birthday to you

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