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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Photo Books of our Life

I love making digital photo books.

I don't necessarily have a favorite company 
that I use.

I'm afraid I am not very loyal.

I go where the deals are.

I love that I can share my books with people on-line.

I love that I can make them as simple or as complicated as I want.

These books are not in any particular order.

I do have my favorites.

I love Nevaeh's Tinkerbell Party,

her Yellow Shoes Book and the one

I made for her birth parents.

I love her adoption day one too but
I am making another one that includes her
sealing day as well.

I will be adding more to this page as I finish them.

Link to Christmas Book

Link to Halloween Book

Link to My Yellow Shoes Book

Link to Birth Parent's Book

1 comment:

tgreeson said...

Katrina! I diddnt know you were LDS too! I LOVE the San Diego Temple. It is the most beautiful thing Ive ever seen. My best friend was married there. I am Sooo excited for your adoption! I'll be following:)