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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Our Perfect Disneyland Day

The first Wednesday of the month my sister, Tami and I take our girls to Disneyland. We love going on this day because we leave late enough in the afternoon and late enough at night that we don't hit any traffic. We also love that the crowds are less.

For Christmas, I got Nevaeh a Minnie Mouse costume with a matching costume for her doll. I had been waiting for her to grow into the shoes that went with it but yesterday's weather looked so perfect I just couldn't wait any longer. So I stuffed socks in the front of the shoes to make them stay on her feet.

I was a little sad to find that the doll's headband (Minnie Mouse ears) had been dropped and broke. I borrowed some super glue and thought I fixed it. After making these minor wardrobe repairs, we were on our way.

When we walked through the entrance of Disneyland there was a short line to see Minnie Mouse. Tami suggested that I take Nevaeh right over and get her picture taken with her. I had planned on going to see the Minnie Mouse in Toon Town but the line can be really long for that one. We hurried over and got in line, but right as we did, Minnie had to leave and starting walking away.

Because we are Disneyland experts, I knew where she was headed and started to follow really fast. I really just wanted to find out how long it would be until the next Minnie would come out. As we approached the gate for her to go behind she turned and saw Nevaeh and her doll. She leaned over and hugged Nevaeh and then picked the doll up and cradled it. Unfortunately, when she handed it pack the headband fell off and it broke again. And of course I didn't have my camera out to take any pictures.

This is what the doll is suppose to look like with her Minnie ears on.

The escort then hurried Minnie Mouse behind the gate. I asked one of the other workers how long it would be until she came back. They said 2 minutes. I then asked where we should go and wait since you never know where they are going to locate themselves on Main Street. They told me we could just stay there and that when Minnie Mouse came out she would walk us over to where she was going to be. 

I quickly got Nevaeh out of her stroller and started looking for my camera. Neaveh wanted to play with the umbrella that I throw out of the stroller while looking for the camera. When I took it away she throw a huge fit. My hopes and dreams of the perfect picture with Minnie Mouse were dashed.

So I started bribing her. I know - bad mom. But it worked and she gave the umbrella back. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to get her ears on her before Minnie Mouse came back out. Luckily for me, my son was there and grabbed the stroller so I could run ahead and get these great pictures.

The little girl in the Tinkerbell outfit running to catch-up is my niece. She was waiting in line to see Goofy when she noticed that Minnie Mouse came back. She did finally catch up and got to hold Minnie Mouse's hand. Poor Nevaeh tripped on the way up the stairs and isn't smiling very big here because I think she is still a little stunned. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that her shoes are 2 sizes too big.

Later on that day we did stand in line to see Minnie Mouse at her house. Neaveh does not really like to pose with the characters. She would rather hug and kiss on them and tell them that she loves them. So her happy faces are usually pushed into a character's chest where they can't be seen.

We had to stop on by and see Mickey too. I was sad that he wasn't in his normal outfit that would have matched better. But considering we go the first Wednesday of ever month, I'm sure we will have many more opportunities to take pictures with the mouse. Maybe I will even be able to get the dolls headband fixed.

All and all is was a great day at Disneyland. Nevaeh was stinky a few times when I wanted her to wear the ears or hold the doll. It seemed she only wanted to hold the doll if my niece wanted to hold her. Other than that she could have cared less. We have to work on her sharing skills.

I am so grateful to my oldest son, Josh, for coming with us. He was a little sad that the Tangle line was closed and he didn't get to do his smoldering look for Rapunzel and have his picture taken. He made the day so much easier for me and made it possible for me to keep track of all Nevaeh's accessories. Plus he made riding the train and the tram possible. I would not have been able to do it without him.

But The best part of the trip was when I woke up this morning to a sweet little girl who said,

 "Aw, I loveof you mommy. Thank you for taking me to Disneyland. It was perfect." 

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