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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sometimes in Life you Need a Do Over

Sometimes I wonder if being blonde really does have something to do with my lack of intelligence. I always seem to have the best of intentions but just don't think things through very well or don't research them well enough before I start.

So, my great plan of having everyone vote for Nevaeh on the photo contest to help raise money for Anya turned out to not work so well. Apparently, the numbers that are assigned to them in the address window only apply when they are in that place. So when Nevaeh was in 13th place I posted that address. But when she moved to 8th place people were voting for the 13th place child. That child is now in 6th place and Nevaeh is in 11th.

Heather and I talked about it and decided we would just ask people again next week to help with our cause. I have now figured out the problem, I hope and we should be able to do better next week. Because it will end on Christmas, I have decided to change the picture I had originally sent in.

I would like you to help me decide which one to submit for Sunday. "Some moms will do anything to get their children to eat their vegetables" or "If you squeeze him too tight he will melt" Also, if you have better captions I will take those too. I have kept the original post about the contest down below and will be changing it on Sunday and reposting. Thanks everyone.


Heather said...

Katrina, I am so touched by this sweet gesture. I hope you know how much it means to us, no matter the outcome. Nevaeh is just beautiful! I just voted for her and I'll post this on my blog right now!

Katrina said...

Great Heather. I hope it works. She is in 13th place right now but I am working hard on getting people to vote this week. I know how busy you must be with trying to get everything organized for Anya's home coming and other fund raisers so one week of work isn't much from me. And no matter what the outcome a whole lot of people now know about this wonderful cause and it will touch their hearts for good.

Penelope said...

What great thing to do! I will vote!!!