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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Jared and Nevaeh's Birthday/Camping

We decided to go camping and boating the week of Jared and Nevaeh's birthday. It was definitely hot enough to take the boat out. I have yet to have a good camping experience. I guess I am just too old and need my sleep. I didn't sleep well the first night because I kept thinking I was hearing things and I definitely didn't sleep well the second night because I was hearing the drunk people by us yell "Tequila".We invited the our friends to come up boating with us on Saturday. I am sorry to say that we didn't care much for Lake Silverwood and had a hard time trying to find a good spot to park the boat that wasn't overtaken by mossy stuff.
Everyone had a good time riding the wave runners so the trip wasn't a complete failure. We have decided that from now on we will stick to going to Lake Mohave. We have become to spoiled by the clear clean water and the nice sandy beaches. Plus I would much rather stay in the hotel for $20.00 a night than sleep in a tent.We waited until Sunday to celebrate Jared and Nevaeh's birthdays. Jared was excited to receive a keyboard but commented that he wasn't sure what to get for Christmas now that he already got the keyboard for his birthday.

Jared got to choose what kind of cake to have and he picked cherry cheesecake. Everyone in our family loves it so it was a great choice.Nevaeh was very excited to get a baby doll. Everyone had to take turns holding it and putting it nigh night. She loved the fact that it had a suckie (pacifier) and that it made real baby noises.

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