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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008

I can't believe it is already Christmas day. Time seems to be flying by so fast. I just got back from taking Nevaeh to visit her parents and grandma at Denny's and we will be leaving for Idaho soon to see Steve's parents. It is always such a hassle to get permission to take Nevaeh anywhere with us.

Her visit went okay. It's hard to visit for 2 hours at a restaurant because she is now trying to walk and wants to get down and move around. Her family was very excited to see her and had a few presents for her. She was able to show them how she can stand now and is starting to take a few steps. I just wanted to hurry and get it over with so we could get going to Idaho. Steve's nephew and niece have children around Nevaeh's age and it will be fun to watch them all play together.

The boys seemed to have a good time this morning and they are excited to get going on our trip.

Steve and I like to wrap each other's gift in a different
box so it makes it harder to guess what it is.

Nevaeh helping Jacob open his presents.

Jared with his cool new shirt.
Nevaeh thought it was more fun to play in the boxes and
open the gifts than playing with her new toys.

Joshua liked his new shirt.

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