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Monday, February 7, 2011

Matching Mondays

In my attempt to help others save the one, I have decided that every Monday and Friday I will be posting pictures of children who are in need of forever families.

Brenda, of Another Small Adventure, post pictures of children who are in the foster care system and available for adoption on her blog every Monday. I will provide a link to her blog so others can share with their friends and families those children who are in need of a home.

I honestly believe that most families out their could find such joy in adopting a child into their lives. They just need to find that perfect child for their family and be made aware of them. This is my goal. To make every family aware.

We do not have to concentrate on the masses, just look to save the one.

Which one will you save?

Or better yet, which one will save you?

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Christine said...


I think you are doing awesome things by featuring these children on your blog! You are amazing. Thanks for the reminder of the power of helping the one.